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OOC Information:

Name/Alias: Jules
Age: 26 years and 11 months!
E-Mail//MSN//AIM: cakes.rp at gmail.com
Personal LJ: cidercupcakes
How did you hear about Badfic? Trawling through various lists of games specifically hoping to find someplace fun-looking to play, since I haven't played in ages and wanted to dip a toe back in.

IC Information:

Character Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Name that appears on plaque: Buffy Summers
Character Journal: diedalittle
Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Point in Canon: Very early fifth season -- just after "Buffy vs. Dracula", before Glory showed up or any issues with Dawn began to arise.
Age: 19
Birthday: January 19 (canonically, all we know is that she's a "Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius", which puts her somewhere in the January 18-21 range, so I settled on the 19th).
Appearance: In a word: tiny (Sarah Michelle Gellar is about 5'2'' or 5'3''). In another word: blonde. In -- okay, maybe a couple of pictures would work better.

Additionally, she has a couple of scars on her neck, from vampire bites; one looks like a dog bite (and she's canonically claimed it as such to civilians), the other, atop the first, is two small puncture wounds, courtesy of Dracula.

Abilities: Superhuman strength, somewhat accelerated healing (only a couple of vampire bites have ever scarred) and heightened endurance/flexibility/senses, great jumper (she can jump across a large room and over a 12-foot fence without much work) -- physically, in her own words, she's like Spider-man, "only I don't stick to stuff". On occasion, she's had prophetic dreams, but these are very rare.

Personality: At her best, Buffy is -- well, her surname, Summers, is pretty apt, actually. She's kind, welcoming, ready to laugh, and she can accessorize like nobody's business. She won't give up, she'll help anyone who needs it, and she's willing to lay down her life for the people she loves (and has done just that). She sometimes fears that she's turning to stone, losing her ability to love, but the truth is that she's full of love. She does everything big -- she loves and fights with all she's got, and sometimes she screws up epically. When she does, she'll also give all she's got, and then some, to fixing things. She's confident, and with good reason -- her physical abilities are impressive, but she's also clever and resourceful. She's talkative, curious, and adventurous, always ready to take a chance on someone and always trying to see the best in them.

At her worst, she's moody and single-minded, prone to depression, and her confidence can tip over into arrogance. As stated below, Buffy can be, well...not to put too fine a point on it, self-absorbed. In fairness, she's got plenty of experience dictating that, for instance, sleeping with the wrong guy will get her friends tortured and killed and lead to the world almost ending. And if that kind of responsibility kicked in when you were fifteen, an age when, let's face it, most people think their problems are the end of the world anyway...well. So it's not so much that she thinks her problems are potentially world-ending, it's that some of them literally are, and she has a hard time trusting that all of her problems aren't potentially world-ending.

Strengths: In addition to the physical abilities outlined above in the "abilities" section, Buffy's fairly bright (she "kicked ass" on her SATs, and when stripped of her powers she outsmarted a vicious, insane vampire who'd kidnapped her mother, tricking him into drinking holy water). She doesn't give up, and if she's knocked down, she doesn't stay down. Also, she's handy with a pun, although some might argue that's a weakness.

Weaknesses: Mood swings, and, more specifically, a tendency to depression and tunnel vision -- it's very hard for Buffy to focus on anything but Issue #1, and often, Issue #1 is something that involves her, so as a result she's a bit self-absorbed. She's cocky, and while she's much smarter than most people (herself included) give her credit for, she doesn't tend to think before she acts, which often translates into stuff getting smashed. Also, by her own admission, she "suck[s] at undercover".

Oh, and she's a lousy driver.

And she eats all the jelly donuts.

That probably about covers it.

History: The first fifteen years of Buffy's life were about what you'd probably expect them to be for a middle-class girl from L.A. Her grades were unremarkable, but she was a star cheerleader, and if they graded for shopping, her average would've been way better. Her parents were happily married, or at least married.

Then an old British guy came up to her when she was at school, babbling about destiny and vampires. And everything went to hell. Literally, a few times. Turns out said old British guy wasn't nuts after all; she was the Slayer, the latest in a line of mystical warriors gifted with superhuman abilities in order to fight vampires, demons, and other things that go bump in the night. And he was her Watcher, the representative of a council that exists to guide, train, and inform the Slayer. Said old guy also ended up dead, sacrificing himself to save her. The night of the big dance she was really excited about, Buffy saved the world for the first time. Okay, so she burned down a school building in the process, but she also saved all said school's students, which ought to be worth something, right? Not so much, as it turns out: she was expelled. Shaken, Buffy came clean to her parents; they freaked out and had her institutionalized for a few weeks, until she learned her lesson and stopped talking about vampires. Her mother decided to move away from L.A., to a little town called Sunnydale. Yeah, just her mother -- oh, right, her parents divorced over the whole thing, too, so that was fun.

In Sunnydale, Buffy was determined to make a fresh start of it. Okay, so she still had the freakish strength, and there were those weird dreams she kept having, but, you know, every girl has her cross to bear in life. It all went great to begin with, the pine-freshiest of fresh starts...until she made the mistake of going to the library for the textbooks she needed, and the librarian, looking like a kid on Christmas morning, offered her a grody old tome labeled "VAMPYR", and oh, right, one of her classmates ended up dead in a locker, drained of all his blood. Turns out, Sunnydale contained something called a Hellmouth, a gateway to a hell dimension, making the town a favorite vacation spot of things that go bump in the night. The Hellmouth was located directly underneath the Sunnydale High School library -- so, bright side, at least Buffy didn't have to do a lot of walking for her apocalypses. That was something, right?

Traditionally, a Slayer doesn't have friends or family; many girls are taken from their homes at early ages and essentially raised by their Watchers, trained as single-minded warriors. Buffy was never much of one for tradition. She built a small circle of friends at school, even dated a little (she has a thing for tall, dark, handsome, and older...much older), saved the world, died, saved the world again, normal girl stuff. By the time she graduated from high school, Buffy had died; run away from home; lost her virginity; killed the guy she lost it to when he went evil and tortured and killed her friends, then tried to destroy the world; and saved the world a few more times. Thanks to Buffy, her high school class had the lowest death rate of any in Sunnydale history. Oh, and she topped herself in terms of property destruction; she left her last high school after burning down a building, but on graduating from Sunnydale she managed to blow up the entire school. And, in her defense, the massive snake-demon inside of it, Sunnydale's former Mayor.

College started off promising -- well, okay, there were some hiccups, like the part where one of her professors was in charge of a secret government lab and had a specialized squad of commandos dedicated to trapping and studying demons, or the time another Slayer switched bodies with her. But in general, her freshman year could probably be considered a win. She even came out of it with a new boyfriend, and this one's human!

First Person Sample: [ Buffy's basically fiddling at random, pressing buttons and muttering to herself. "Hoping to bribe me with a shiny new future-phone, huh? Okay, Mysterious Captor, points for sty-- " The screen's doing something. Wait, what did she do? ] --le, but -- wait, what did I -- hello? Oh, crap. So much for keeping a low profile, Buff. [ Pressing buttons at random fails to yield results, and finally, she throws the thing on the ground, grabs the sword from the rack on the wall, and runs for the door. ]

Third Person Sample: A shiver ran through Buffy as she looked out her window. The evening was gray, all gray and silver and misty, the rain whispering down outside like...ugh, like giant snake demons taunting her. It wasn't just that some kind of foreboding nasty something was making the night seem cold, though; this time, at least, she could be certain of that. No hunches or vague Slayery prophecy dreams this time, no sir; this time she was completely clear on the oogie she was facing. For all the comfort that knowledge could possibly offer, which it turned out wasn't a whole lot.

Honestly, she'd've taken the vague hunches and dreams over this. She checked the weapons again, went through the trunk, but the truth was, she was putting it off, and she knew it. The night was still waiting. Unless she could find a way to stretch checking her weapons out for another eight hours or so, it would just keep on waiting, getting even...night-ier. She shoved another stake in her coat pocket and grabbed the nearest sword she could put her hands on -- it was the kind of night where you wanted something heavy in your hands, especially if it was all pointy.

The halls were quiet. Like they knew. Like everyone who didn't have to be was going to stay in, stay by the fire where it was safe.

Buffy swung the door open, stared out at the night, and took a deep breath. She might've whimpered a little, there wasn't anyone around, they couldn't prove it.

It took a lot to make her miss Sunnydale, but she found that she did. "Ugh," she managed, staring out at the specter that faced her. "What is it, five million degrees below zero? I don't think that salt on the driveway is doing anything."

Winter sucked.

Links: Wikipedia on the Buffster. Also, here are some excellent fan-made trailers for each season, which give good run-downs: S1, S2, S3, S4 (and I'm only going up to the beginning of S5 in how I'm playing her, but in the interest of completion: S5, S6, and S7).

Notes/Bonus: Like I say, it's been awhile since I've done any RP-ing, so just as a warning, I may be kind of rusty. I've sort of been keeping up with S8 of Buffy, but mostly I'm just interested in playing her a bit earlier, a little more innocent. Well, relatively speaking. Hope it's okay that I'm using an old journal; I just love the username so much I wanted to keep it!

In conclusion

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